Explore The Immense Feminity of the Black Woman in Teyana Taylor’s “The Album”

Teyana Taylor expresses the beautifully complicated essence of womanhood, combining it with love, sexuality, strength, and influence.

She also demonstrated her growth and elevation as a lead artist through her artistic expression of videography, choreography, and music.

Taylor captured the original and familiar essence of R&B and re-introduced it with a refreshing delivery and passion, allowing her to stand out gracefully amongst other women of the genre.

With the powerful impact and influences of great names like Janet Jackson, Missy Elliot, Lauryn Hill, and Erykah Badu, Taylor effortlessly presents the strength, sensuality, power, and command of the black woman.

Her previous release, “KTSE (2018),” demonstrates her immense vocal agility & musical diversity. Still, it was packaged, condensed, and arguably rushed because of delays of production, especially since it had been four years since her debut album, “VII (2014).”

The self-titled album begins with the emotionally intense experience of Iman, Teyana’s husband, witnessing the birth of their child as he is on the phone with the 911 operator. The atmosphere of this experience is suffocating, tense, and chaotically incredible. Listening to Iman get so emotional as he welcomes his newborn baby girl into this world is enthralling.

Hearing Baby Junie’s voice so clearly within the second track, “Come Back To Me,” featuring a poetic delivery from Rick Ross completely captures the feeling of freedom, growth, and reciprocity. She dives into her sexual divinity in tracks such as “1–800-One-Night” and “69,” expresses her independent rawness in tracks like “Bad” and “Wrong Bitch,” and communicates her experiences with complicated love in “Concrete,” “Try Again,” and “Bare With Me.”

“The Album” by Teyana Taylor allowed its listeners to delve into her world as she creates an atmosphere to explore the electrifying essence of the black woman, especially with the powerful presences of Erykah Badu in “Lowkey” and Lauryn Hill in “We Got Love.” This album was a space she created for herself to be unapologetically herself, and her growth shown gracefully throughout the entire experience.

Listen to “The Album” by Teyana Taylor on Apple Music & Spotify.



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